Our Company’s Principles

There are many ways to make money in real estate – but few that prioritize risk reduction as a prime focus. We created Timeless Capital to help people find investment opportunities that offer the perfect balance of sustainable performance with reduced downside. Our investment criteria follows the timeless principles of real estate investing.
Investing in commercial multifamily – a building with more than 5 units – generally returns superior cashflow than investing in other residential classes. Other advantages include spreading risk over multiple units, the economies of scale, better financing terms, and ability to tap into changing renter preferences – more and more people are choosing to live in apartments than single family homes.
Our target market, North Carolina, has seen incredible growth in the past several years. But so have many other states – so why are we certain North Carolina is the best place to invest? The simple answer is continued growth based on business-friendly tax policies, an influx of industry (Google, Apple, and others), growth of high paying jobs, and a highly educated labor force. But what about in a recession? After the 2008 housing crash, real estate in North Carolina fell only half as much as the national average.
We invest in properties that are cash-flow positive from day 1 or shortly thereafter. Because while we’ve all heard about the massive gains people have made through appreciation, we know that those investments bring more risk. We’d much rather provide our investors with a reliable return they can count on rather than hoping for a big pay day that may never happen.

Our Team

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

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Ben Gaines

Ben is the owner of United Properties of North Carolina, one of the region’s fastest growing residential brokerages. He combines an extensive knowledge of the North Carolina real estate market with experience in investing, including all aspects of renovation, property repositioning and sales. In addition to his work, Ben also serves as a mentor and motivational speaker and encourages the development of new entrepreneurs.

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Stace Caseria

While building a career in digital marketing over the past 25 years, Stace has also been building his real estate investing skills. He is the owner of a Trust Deep, branding agency headquartered outside of Boston and Evergreen North Properties – a multifamily investment firm. Stace has invested as a General Partner on more than 300 units in Texas, and as a Limited Partner on over 350 units in Georgia.

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